Hey guys!!!! Terelili here (I had to change account so Im now Tessa97).

First of all, I wanted to say sorry, specially to AnubisGirl, as I just dissappeared out of the blue (again). I was busy with so many projects so sorry sorry sorry sorry that I left you just like that. I take full responsibility.

Second of all, I really have thi urge to continue writing Surivor, and I promise you I won't leave again this time. I will fully commit myself to write all the episodes.

Third, this wiki needs some improvement, so I am really up for it!

Fourth, there must be some way to promote the story, I was sincerely thinking on posting it on Undead Fanfiction wiki.

And fifth, Hunter, I hope that you're still here, sorry that I also left you. sorry sorry sorryy.

Okay, I have work to do :D 

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