♥ Hello, Hunter here. I'm creating this blog mainly for Terelili, the creator of this Wiki and AnubisGirl12, a co-writer. I'm addresing the many problems with this Wiki and how it can be made more proffesinal. Notice I'm not trying to be mean in any of this, this is just a blog to help you guys.


Spelling is is something both Terelili and Anubis have stuggles with, mostly Anubis however. AnubisGirl you stuggle a ton and spelling and let me give you a few tips on how you can improve.

1. At the top of the page there are to words: Source and Visual. These words change the format of the page. But let me say something: If you put it in visual after you are done, any mispelled words will be underlined in red. Therefore all you have to do is right click and you will get a list of the right words. This is an easy way to spell words right.

2. COMMON SENSE. Anubis, there are words you spell wrong that I knew how to spell right since I was 5, Sorry for sounding harsh but I think Terelili will agree with me when I say that if you want to be a writer you NEED to spell words right.

If neither of these things help you just type the word in on the internet and you are should to find the right spelling of the word.


Proofreading is also an important feture that either of you guys I think do right. EVERY TIME YOU FINISH A STORY LOOK IT OVER AND MAKE SURE THERE ARE NO ERRORS. And when I say errors I just don't mean spelling errors, I mean errors of all kind: spelling, wrong punctuation, etc. When you proofread you can easiely fix anything wrong and make the story look more proffesional.

Character Deaths

I love how you gus right each character in these stories and here is what this topic is about: Terelili I know that when you first starting writing seasson one you intended to have one death per episode. This I HATED, because it it is VERY  unrealistic to have a death per episode. I know in season two you changed this up a bit, but understand that in the TV show only two members of the core group died in season 3 and a majority of them are still alive.

And also AnubisGirl YOU NEED TO GET A USER PAGE!!! When you have your own user page, it makes it easier for us to contact you and it acually shows how you contribute to this wiki. Plus you can chat with me and Terelili any time we are on chat, us all three talking together I think would be really cool.

The Home Page

I think that the home page should be more creative. I think it should look like more like the home page on The Walking Dead Wiki. I don't really have any details but I think we can all think of something together! :)


Since you guys are boh writing these stories, you guys need to have the exact same format. Most of the things are the same but there are little things here in there that you guys need to make sure are the same such as Italic words or spacing, etc.

As or Has!

AnubisGirl I don't know why but wenever you need the word "As" you stick and H in the front and make it a comeplety diffrent word: Has. THESE ARE COMELLY DIFFRENT WORDS! At first I thought it was a mistake but then I notice that you do it EVERY TIME. You even did it on a comment to this blog, so I don't know what's going on but please fix it. Like I said It can't be a mistake because you do it EVERY TIME. Plus the "H" key isn't even close to the "A" key on a keyboraed. I would like to know what's going on!


That is all I have for now but keep an eye on this blog because I will probobly add more in the future!

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