Hunter Biondolino

aka BethyFan

  • I live in The United States
  • I was born on September 17
  • My occupation is Being Beth Greene's #1 Fan!
  • I am Bethy Crazy!
  • Hunter Biondolino

    Hey guys it's Hunter I can't stay on for long, but I won't everyone to take a break and IMPROVE THE WIKI. Take a look on Michaela's page, this is how the character pages should look like. I have to go and I will add more improvements but I can't talk right now so I just want us to start improving the character pages. You guys can add the rest to Michaela's if you would like but if there is any mistakes I will fix them please take a break. Terelili hopefully you will return! soon!

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  • Hunter Biondolino

    ♥ Hello, Hunter here. I'm creating this blog mainly for Terelili, the creator of this Wiki and AnubisGirl12, a co-writer. I'm addresing the many problems with this Wiki and how it can be made more proffesinal. Notice I'm not trying to be mean in any of this, this is just a blog to help you guys.

    1. At the top of the page there are to words: Source and Visual. These words change the format of the page. But let me say something: If you put it in visual after you are done, any mispelled words will be underlined in red. Therefore all you have to do is right click and you will get a list of the right words. This is an easy way to spell words right.

    2. COMMON SENSE. Anubis, there are words you spell wrong that I knew how to spell right since I was 5, Sor…

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  • Hunter Biondolino

    Hey guys I was just wondering who you all think will be the next to bite the dust. I was thinking it would be someone who so far has had a lot of action, such as Noah or Mia. I think AnubisGirl will really surprise us with the next death and I am hoping it will be a shocker!

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