A Good Soldier are a set of webisodes that follow Nathan Holt after the death of his fiance Sally and lead up to his meeting with the other survivors in Season 2 of Survival.


Episode 1: Death in the FamilyEdit

Nathan and his fiance are holled up in their apartment. Its chaos outside and Sally is deathly sick from a bite by a neighbour turnned walker. Nathan keeps trying the phones but they are either down or busy. He is also edgy since he is running low on PTS medicene and is worried he is going to have to kill people; an action he vowed never to do again after what he saw and did in Iraq.

A sick Sally tries to comfort him saying he is a good person and she will be fine. She seams to pass out and Nathan returns to trying the phones again while contemplating his handgun that he has not let go of in the past couple of days. He finaly get through to the hospital where Rick is but from the sound in the background its clear things are going to hell. Before the line cuts out the nurse warns him to kill his fiance before she is attacked by walkers. Nathan puts the phone down and looks up to find Sally now a walker in the bedroom doorway.

Episode 2: Birth of MadnessEdit

Nathan dosent realise what has happened at first until he see's her face clearly and raises his gun. He tries to plead with the approaching walker but the woman he loved is clearly gone. The situation also causes him to have flashes of the war. She lunges at him and his combat training takes over and he shoots her in the head; an action wich draws the attention of the walkers outside.

He slumps to his knees has the realisation that he "killed" his fiance hits home; he is gripping his head in pain and is near hysterical. The banging on the baricaded door by the walkers matches the intencse flashbacks of the war and what he has just done before everything gose black in his mind. When we next se his face it has become deathly calm and he breathes out like a man taking his first breath of air. "Other" Nathan gets up and takes in the situation and starts grabbing supplies; food, clothes his gun a.s.o. He picks up the last of Nathan's meds and flushes them down the sink. He gose to the bedrom and takes down the barricade on the window revealing a walker on the fire escape pressed against the glass. Withought missing a beat he shoots it before climbing out the window and making his escape has the walkers burst into the appartment; trampling a picture of Nathan and Sally.

Episode 3: The Better Qualities of MercyEdit

Three Weeks Later

Nathan and a few others are hideing in a Cathedral; the group is splitting between staying and trying to make for Atlanta like the broadcasts are advising. Monica a trainee qsychytrist has a talk with Nathan about the situation mentioning that the groups leader is worrying her; Anton is showing signs of loseing it and is constantly talking about judgement. Nathan points out Anton has kept them safe so far and he dosent want to get involved in a power play. Monica then mentions she has kept quite but she has noticed things about Nathan that would alarm the rest of the group if she spun it the right way. He has nightmares he cant remember and there are times he acts like a compleatly diffrent person.

Nathan of course dosent remeber any of these "episodes" but is aware he is missing time but dosent want to think about it. He says if she did say something it would make her worse than a walker. There conversation is interupted by the Cathedral bell ringing. One of the other survivors comes in saying Anton has lost it and is trying to draw in every walker in the area. The group confronts him and he is going on how the whole thing is Judgement from God and its better they all die at the hands of walkers than a slow agonising death by trying to survive them. He has a gun so the group cant get close but somone manages to get behind him and they struggle. The pair go out the window into the crowd of Walkers that is gathering below. The group watches horrified has both men are torn apart. Suddenly a shot is fired and the man who attacked Anton is put out of his suffering by "Other Nathan" who turns to leave saying they can get out the back while the walkers are distracted. Monica asks why he hasnt "helped" Anton but he coldly responds the man did not deserve his mercy.

Episode 4: Death MarchEdit

The survivors are in the woods after fleeing the Cathedral and have climbed trees to avoid the few walkers who have followed them. There are a few stray walkers under the trees mulling around but they are distracted by a huge explosion in the distance that draws them away. Since its getting dark the survivors opt to stay where they are for the night. Monica is awakned in the middle of the night by "Other" Nathan holding a knife to her throat and dangling her over the end of the tree they are in. He says he knows she dosent like him and he dosent like her for that matter and tells her not to threaten him again of he will leave her out has walker bait and just to prove a point he cuts her arm before retreating into the dark.

The next day the survivors are treking through open country when they stop to rest on a hill and see the source of the explosion. Two massive freight trains have colided and wrecked below them starting a fire. The fire has died down a bit and the trains are surrounded by walkers; some of wich are on fire. The group count their blessings since the explosion seems to have attracted a lot of walkers and they can sneek around them. Unfortunatly Monica spots two medium sized herds; one behind them and he other crossing the path they want to walk meening they are boxed in. There only hope seams the back of one the trains that the walkers havent crowded around and is baricated from them by debree. It might be suicide but its the only option avlible to them.

Episode 5: Amoung the WolvesEdit

The group has snuck close to the train and are watching for an opening and sneek two by two into the opening in the train. There is a single walker inside but one of the men takes it out with a crowbar through the eye. They find the compartment is sealed and its to risky to open the door on the otherside to asess the walker numbers. Nathan notices a hatch in the roof and they make a ladder with the items in the train and climb onto the roof. Its not that bad but their are still quite a few walkers there and they need to clear them out in order to get down. Michael the youngest of the survivors remembers there was a stero system in the train and gose back to get it, narowly avoiding a walker but it alearts the walkers outside that begin to gather and pound againt the side of the train and considering its position they could knock the car off the tracks into the bank full of walkers. One woman nearly falls into the crowd below but Nathan grabs her pulling her back up.

They dont have time to start the boombox plan but they decide to use the momentum of the train to try and jump clear of the walkers from the end of the car. They use the boombox though to keep the walkers distrated for the moment. The train finaly lurches hard enough and the car falls into the bank and the humans make a jump for it. Nathan comes face to face with a walker but Monica kills it before anything can happen. They just share a quick look before the group runs again to escape the aproaching walkers.

Episode 6: The Road to RevalationEdit

One Month Later

Nathan is alone running from unseen enemies in a town. Through flashbacks we learn most of the group became ill as a result of tainted water from a stream near a site the army was useing to dump bodies. Nathan and Michael went off looking for mediciene but when they returned the group was gone; taken by bandits. They tracked the banditis to the town but Michael was killed by one of their booby traps; a bomb rigged door. Nathan found the bandits base where they were going through the group's stuff and joking about how they "dealt" with the survivors by leaving the sick out for the walkers to take. Angered by this Nathan accidently reveals himself and is forced to flee since its 1-16. One of the bandits manages to shoots at him leading to his other personality taking over.

Other Nathan kills two of the bandits shooting them and another is kiled by a walker that he mistakes for Nathan. Other Nathan cuts through a building and is nearly attacked by a hanging walker( somone who hung themselves) but he avoids its grip. He gets an idea and makes noises to draw some of the bandits in. Two follow and and he shots the walker down on one of them. While they strugle with the walker he slips away and escapes. Leaving town other Nathan comes across Monica; barely clinging to life. While Other Nathan dosent say anything she begs him to kill her so she dosent come back as a walker and that she might have been wrong about him. Withought a word he shots her in the head and sheds a single tear and we realise it was Nathan and not his other personality who shot her.

Episode 7: Frozen EarthEdit

Winter has come and Nathan has been alone for a few months and is hideing out in an empty water tower in an abandoned town. He has tried to commit suicide from depression but Other Nathan always takes over when he tries to kill himself. After a message left in blood from his other personality he realises its futile. Instead he starts learning about Walkers and comes up with low tech but effective messures to distract them and scavange undetected; smearing his clothing with mud, oil a.s.o so he dose not smell human.

The town is eventualy visited by a small convoy that has been taken over by Negan and his followers. Nathan watches them from the roof and is digusted by them but decides is better to keep hidden untill they either leave or the weather improves for travling on foot. One of Negan's men finds one of the sound devices Nathan made to distract walkers but the group thinks nothing of it; resoning the person who made it is either gone or dead. That night there is a snow storm and Nathan uses it has cover to get supplies. He is rooting through a shop when somone points a gun at him demanding what he is doing there. Its one of Negan's men and he is drunk and he thinks Nathan is one of the camp who is taking food withought permission. He approaches Nathan to beat him with the but of the gun to disapline him and calls out for assistance. The fear of getting caught brings out Other Nathan who disarms the guy and kills him with his own gun to the head. The reinforcements arrive only to find a dead body and a broken window.

Episode 8: The Devil's GambitEdit

The next day Negan is furiously shooting at the empty streets trying to scare out who killed his man. They know its not one of the convoy and the snow has covered Nathan's tracks. His men have not found anything and Negan kills one man in a fury when he suggests they just drop it. Negan says they can be made fools of and orders them to look again or he will kill them to and if they come back empty handed they will just burn the town to the ground killing the stranger. They dont realise Nathan is listening from the roof near them who now realises weather or not he has to move on.

He gets his things together but it spotted by one of Negan's people has he comes down the fire escape forcing him to drop some of his supplies and make a run for it. He is chassed by the men in cars and narowly avoids a blockade by slipping down an alleyway. Fortunatly Nathan has a plan for this and climbs on the roof before shooting the lock of a door in the alley. Negan who has arrived at the head of the group asks if thats all he has since they will climb up and get him only for moans to be heard. Suddenly walkers slowly poor out in to the alley and advance on the thugs. Laughing Nathan reveals the town had walkers when he arrived but they were imobalised when he arrived from the cold and he kept some of them in the room "in case of emergancies" He then makes his escape to the sound of gunfire.

Episode 9: Beneath a Wild SkyEdit

Nathan has come to the foot of the Rockies and raids a nearby store for some gear. He then heads out and begins climbing the mountains, eventualy finding a shelter in a cave. The path to the cave is to narrow and awkward for a walker to navigate without falling to below has evident by one or two walkers that allready tried and are now imobile below from damaged limbs. He dose however find a walker of a hicker in the cave but quickly dispatches it then checks for more walkers before removing the body.

Days later we see he has set up a decent "home" of sorts and has set up several snare traps in the surrounding woods to catch food and walkers. He leaves the bodies hanging to deter strangers and to keep the walkers at bay has the smell of the corpses makes his own sent dificult to track. He is out collecting water when he hears a scream alerting him to the presence of other people.

Episode 10: The World Comes Crashing DownEdit

Nathan spies on two people who have run into his snare trap and watches one cut down the other before sneaking off. He is debating about introducing himself but his fear of his condition holds him back; he resolves to keep an eye on them to see what kind of people they are. While following them he notices they are on the collision with several walkers in a camp site. To save them withought exposing himself he starts a rockslide above them forcing them to turn back. It crushes several aproaching walkers but also injures one of the survivors who barly get to cover.

The two survivors discus what happened thinking it was a fluke but one of them noticed a figure fleeing the area where the rockslide began and wonders if they were saved or escaped an attack.The two continue up a path intending to find shelter and ultimetly cross the mountains. Has they are walking they nearly run into a group of walkers mulling on one side of a fork in the path and are forced to go up the other. Nathan is following them from a higher path on the track and is not noticed by the walkers. He reaches the two survivors who are pinned between the walkers and the rough terrain wich they can not navigate. He takes out the last two walkers that are going after the injured survivor while the other takes out their walkers. It ends with the newcomers sizeing up their "Rescuer".