Slade "Ziggy" Johnson
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Knife, Crossbow (doesn't know how to use it).



Followed By




Cause of Death

Eaten by Walkers.

Slade "Ziggy" Johson is a character on Season One of The Walking Dead: The Survival.


He is a from a poor family and comes from a violent and harsh family but besides that he is surprising different from the rest of them. Left when he was 18 moved to Atlanta with his band called "Vicious Pricks" with Eric on rythium guitar and clean vocals, Diego on bass, Andy on drums, Shinji on lead guitar and Kris on keyboards while Slade did the screaming. He got sepurated from the rest of the band hoping to see them he is currently looking for them but his main goal is to go back to find his sister Sara who is in FL.


He is laidback all the time rarely shows his violent side although he does have one. Even under pressure he keeps his cool. People think he is a badass due to all his tattoos on his neck/torso/full slevee arm but in reality he is just a chill dude.

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