Noah Baker
Noah Barker
Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Male
Race Caucasan-American
Faction Bus Group/Factory Group
Health None
Level None
Status Dead (New Law) - Shot
Location Factory

Noah Baker is a character in The Walking Dead Season 2 Survival. He first appeard in the episode Prommised Land. He died in New Law, after being shot by one of Cole`s men.


Noah was an arms dealer before the apocalypse started. He was in the middle of a deal when the news reported the first incident. He took an M16 and shot his buyers. He has other wepons that he gave the group in exchange for his protection.


Cool, Calm, and Collective. Due to his job.

Season 2Edit

Prommised Land


New Law



Killed byEdit

  • An unknown member of Cole's men. (Alive)
  • Mia Tores (Before Reintamination)

When Noah and Michaela were outside in the field of the factory, another group had come to ambush the group, one of the men had shot Noah and he bleed to death in Michaela's arms, and later put down by Mia.

Killed VictomsEdit

This list shows the victoms Noah has killed.

  • Numerous accounts of walkers.






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