Millie Jenkins
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Cause of Death

Shot in the chest.

Millie Jenkins is a character on Season One of The Walking Dead: The Survival.


Millie was born on New York. She used to be a performer and love music and write her own songs. She used to have a very peaceful life, until the virus broke out. She lost her 5 brothers and her mother in New York. She managed to escape with her father and her little sister into the countryside. Her father was attacked by a walker, wich she killed, but he got severly injured. She and her sister did everything to heal him, but he eventually died and turned into a walker, without their concern. He attacked her sister one night, and she had to kill him. Her sister felt into the virus, and, eventually she had to kill her too. She learned to survive alone in the woods and built her own crossbow until she found a group of survivers that took her in.


Reserved, quiet, lonely.

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