Lauren Brookes
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Beretta M9 500, hunting/skinning knife



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Shot in the head by Bandits.

Lauren Brookes is a character in the first season of The Walking Dead: The Survival.


Lauren hasn't got any family left, as her parents were killed in a car accident when she was seven. After this, she was put into custody of her alcoholic uncle who physically abused her (though not sexually). After her uncle's arrest, Lauren inherited his weaponry store and worked there from the age of 17. She disguises her past behind a mask that is friendly, strong, and fun to be around. Her charm and attractiveness can mislead people, but she soon sees them right when she displays her skill at fighting or proficiency with a weapon. During the apocalypse, Lauren loaded her car with various weapons from her store, (including her father's Beretta which she keeps close to her at all times, along with her favorite hunting knife) and left the city.


Lauren is always one to take one for the team, a skilled fighter, and an excellent shot with nearly every gun. Whilst being gentle and calm, she tends to ignore those she finds "weak" or of no help, but she's there for advice when it is needed. She doesn't want to lead, only be a loyal follower; a good "right-hand man". Lauren uses her wit to joke around with people, but never anything that will cause serious upset. She can snap straight to fighter mode in dangerous situations, but always remains calm under pressure and uses this to assist others who can't fight for themselves. Lauren would die for someone she loves, but sometimes lets her feelings get in the way of the right decision. Lauren is sharp of mind despite her lower-class background, and picks up new skills easily. Lauren has a secret passion for music, and plays nearly every instrument under the sun, but doesn't like to tell people unless they find her weak.


· Lauren was created by user AquaZen.

· A friendly relationship was formed between Cristopher and Lauren in episode one.