An Endless Cycle
Season 1, Episode 8
Episode 8
Air date December 21, 2012
Written by AnubisGirl12
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Episode 8 of season 1 of survivor deals with the repercussions of Millie's actions in the previous episode.


The survivors have made camp in a construction sight. They have climbed up to a partially completed floor of a highrise out of the reach of any walkers that could be nearby. Most people have fallen asleep. Mark is still awake deep in thought watching the fire.


Slade: Millie... where's.... what happened to Willie

Millie: He slipped I couldn't reach him in time.

Focus in on the glint in her eyes that Mark noticed.

End Flashback

Mark looks at the sleeping Millie who is oblivious to the world. Moe who has been on watch approaches from behind and sits down startling him a bit.

Moe:Something on your mind?

Mark gets up and motions the other man to follow him so they do not wake the others or are overheard. When they are at a safe distance he speaks.

Mark: No.... Maybe.... Listen what if I tolled you I thought Willie's death was not an accident.

Moe gets where he is coming from and frowns in concern.

Moe: Are you saying.....

Mark: I don't know yet but my gut it telling me something is off and I don't like it one bit, but I don't know what we can really do its not as if there is a justice system anymore.

Moe: But why? Willie was a bit "different" but he was harmless and he saved the boy.

Mark: Yes and Lauren died because of it.... you saw how angry Millie was about that.

Moe: A wise man once said if you seek revenge you should be prepared to dig two graves.

Mark look at the other man warily

Mark: Are you saying we should execute her, we don't have proof or the right.

Moe: You did not have a problem with leaving Phil to the walkers.

Mark: That was different! Phil was dangerous and at the rate he was going we would be walker chow or worse. Besides she and Lauren were close and losing someone like that has a bad effect on people.

Moe: Exactly... look all I am saying is she has tasted blood once and whats to stop her from doing it again. (he sighs) Listen when I was a boy my mother shot our family dog because it had rabies, I did not understand at the time but she tolled me that he was destined for nothing but pain and misery and to spread it to others.

Mark sighs and is about to say something when they hear a scream break the silence. They run back to the camp site to find Chris nursing a black eye and Corey and Millie are missing.

Mark: What the hell happened.

Christopher: Millie's flipped, I woke up to find her about to open Corey like piglet with a knife. I got her off him but she whacked me and ran off after Corey. Salvatore and Slade went after them but they could be anywhere.

The sound of a scuffle above answers the mystery and they run up a ramp to the upper level. Slade is nursing a graze in his arm from an arrow from Millie's bow that barley missed while Salvatore has his gun pointed at Millie who has her bow pointed at a terrified Corey's head.

Millie: Let me do this Sal he killed Lauren, I have to make it right.

Salvatore: Listen to your self if was a fucking accident, if Willie hadn't....

Millie: (Screaming) Don't say that bastard's name! He deserved what he got!

A stunned shock passes through the group at Millie's admonition to Willie's murder. Corey is whimpering softly but plucks up some courage.

Corey: Millie I'm sorry that Lauren's dead but she wouldn't....

She flips him around to face her and we can see from the look in her eyes and the crazed smile that Millie's sanity has expired.

Millie: Oh don't you see this is what Lauren wants Corey, she want me to make things right for her. You should be glad she wants a quick death for you... isn't that right love.

She looks to a gap in the men to say the pale figure of Lauren bullet wound and all.

Mark: Millie look at your self is this what Lauren would really want.... your not well.

Millie turns to face Mark taking her crossbow away from Corey's head and pointing at Mark.

Millie:Shut up you don't know her or what she wants.

Mark slowly approaches her hands up to show he has no weapons but he has a gun hidden in the back of his belt.

Mark: your right I don't but I know you cant keep killing people like this it would be wrong for you and for her.

Millie: But I have....

Mark: Have to what... avenge her we were all there are you going to butcher us all in our sleep because we did nothing?!

Millie: I.... shut up I'm doing this now!

She turns back to Corey but he has managed to slip away while she was distracted and has run to hide between Moe and Salvatore. Christopher and Slade have their weapons raised.

Millie: You bastards Ill.....

A loud bang fills the air and Millie stumbles back bullet wound in her chest that is now oozing blood. Mark has fired his gun a blank mask on his face.

Mark: I'm sorry.

Millie(Smiling): I'm coming Lauren.

She tips herself back so she falls off the building to the ground below.