Victory tastes of Ashes is the second episode of the seventh season of The Walking Dead the Survival.


While some celebrate the recent victories, others morn and some learn some things that spell danger for all.


We open in someone's vision as they come to in a room; vision is blurry and from their head tilts and movements they are fairly weak.

Moe: Your awake.

A blob comes into their line of sight, holding something causing the person to back away fearfully.

Moe: Easy, Penelope, your safe.

The woman blinks and Moe comes into focus holding a damp cloth. The room is a makeshift med room in the sports stadium. There is muffled sound in the background that sounds like music.

Penelope: Moe? Is it really you?

We pull back and see Penelope in a cot, she is wrapped in blankets and looks a bit stronger than before. Coming to herself she notes the IV drip and starts to panic, trying to pull it out only to wince weakly in pain.

Moe: Easy, its just fluids and antibiotics, you were shot.

Penelope: Shot?

She tries to move, to look under the blankets, Moe stops her gently moving the blankets for her. We see the bandages wrapped nd pressed around her abdomen.

Moe: You were lucky the shot was shallow and Eliza has a steady hand.

Penelope: Eliza?

Moe: Its a long story, but the important thing is your safe.

Tears start to pool at the woman's face.

Penelope: Moe... I screwed up I... Penny oh god she....

Moe: Penny is fine, she is a strong girl and will be over the moon to know your safe now.

Penelope: I.. I...

She closes her eyes tiredly.

Moe: Rest for now, then we can talk.

We switch to the main part of the arena which has been set up like a block party. People go to and throw with food and drink. A few folk are playing salvaged or made music instuments.

Slade: These people know how to celebrate.

We see Slade, Tamera and Amy walking through the throng of people, some wave and cheer at them.

Tamera: Jeez.

Amy: Lighten up, these people, heck we all needed this.

Tamera: I know... its just there treating us like celbretires... its kind of embaressing.

Slade: No... that happens is they start asking for autographs.

The three are silent before laughing heartily.

Tamera: Man.. its been to long since I've laughed like that.

She composes herself.

Tamera: So what happens now.

Slade: Well now, we party, get wasted and make pleasant memories.

Tamera: No arguments there.

Amy: Well we have some time to kill what with the ship being checked over and Penelope needing time to rest.

Tamera: How is she anyway?

Amy: Stable.... still quite weak.

The laps into silence for a moment.

Slade: You know if we had not blown them all to hell I would love to see the light drain from everyone of those aseholes for the shit they put everyone through.

Tamera: No arguments there... those bastards had it coming but, lets not dwell on that now.

She grabs a drink from a nearby stand where people are filling up.

Tamera: Tonight we celebrate.

The three get stuck in.

We switch over to the medwing again where Penelope is now asleep. Moe is watching over her, a look of relief at her settled form. His head twitches as the door opens.

Bridgit: How is she?

Moe turns to greet her.

Moe: Awake a little while ago, we talked a little.

Bridgit comes in, a syringe in hand and a flower, she notes Moe's look at the items.

Bridgit: The flower is for my brother and Eliza thought she might need this if she was "restless"

Moe nods at the explanation.

Moe: Thank you, she might need it later, she was quite out of it earlier.... I can only imagine the extent of what she has been through.

Bridgit: She seems a strong woman and she had a reason to keep going.

Moe: Yes her son and daughter.

The Frenchwoman nods.

Moe: At least now we can all find a level of peace with that place destroyed.

She nods, yet see's a troubled look in Moe's eye.

Bridgit: Yet you remain troubled.

Moe: Perhaps I am seeing shadows where there are not but... with how organized this whole thing was... I fear this may not be the end of things.

The Frenchwoman, smile weakly coming over to put a hand on his shoulder.

Bridgit: Best not to dwell on that for now... focus on the victory and what we have won back.

He nods with a smile before returning to his vigil.