On the Blade of a Knife is the first episode of the seventh season of The Walking Dead the Survival and concludes the battle at the power plant.


The final battle at the facility is drawing to a close but, fate may be changed for someone with a single gun shot.


We open on the inside of the power plant with lights flashing and the sound of the battle raging outside.

Moe: Come on, come on.

Moe runs into view looking through various doors and windows for the patients, ocasianly looking at his watch.

Dr Sylas v.o: Looking for something?

The sound of a gun barrel being clicked gives Moe warning to turn cautiously to see the scientist and Penelope in a wheelchair. She looks malnourished and dazed with drugs but, clearly alive. Moe almost moves forward but the gun in his face holds him back.

Dr Sylas: Do you know the mess you and your little band have caused me?

Moe is silent; eyeing the man cautiously; he knows madness when he see's it and its clear whatever vaneer of sanity the man had has fled the building. His next words need to be cautious ones.

Moe: Enlighten me.

The scientist grins darkly, he is pissed and wants an audience; Moe on the other hand wants him distracted.

Dr Sylas: Months of research, runied and wasted thanks to a pack fools wandering in where they shouldn't... do you have any idea the damage you have caused?

Moe: The damage we caused... what about the lives you took, the families you tore apart under false pretense.

Dr Sylas: ..... I figured you were a bleeding heart.... why else would you come all this way.

Moe scowls.

Moe: Every life is precious these days and every life lost....

Dr Sylas: Is a nesisarry sacrifice for the greater good.

Moe looks at him in disgust.

Moe: And what good would require subdefuge and lies?

The doctor laughs like he is dealing with a slow child or animal that has done a funny trick. Moe eyes his watch nervously, time is running short. He needs a way out and quick.

Dr Sylas: You simple fool, the answer to all our problems... a way to put death back in order.

Moe: A way to stop revival?

Dr Sylas: Of course, control that and the world falls in line... no risk of accidents or mistakes.

He walks around Penelope, gun still pointed at Moe.

Dr Sylas: Don't get me wrong your people have a nice set up but your living in a powder ceg waiting to go off... all of you are.

The man is so focused on Moe's face he does not see where his hand is going.

Moe: And your the one who is going to bring order back to the world with.

Dr. Sylas: We will give it control.

Moe does not like the way "we" is said, the implication leaves him feeling uneasy. His face hardens to hide his unease. He needs to be focussed to pull this off.

Moe: Well, there is one thing you should remember in this new world...

Dr. Sylas: And that is?

Moe: Guns are overated.

Before the man process his words Moe has thrown a knife at him, the man shots in surprise but, Moe has shot past him, aiming for Penelope.

Dr. Sylas: You bastard...

We switch to outside where the heroes are watching the building.

Slade: Come mon Moe.

Tamera: He will make it... look there.

We see Tamera has been watching things through binochulars and from their view we see Moe running hell for leather has he pushes the wheelchair containing Penelope.

Tamera: Holy shit I think that's Penelope with him....

Slade: Fuck... looks like the big guy came through afterall.

No sooner have the words left Slade the building goes up, we get a sweeping shot of the inside, the dead, undead, Dr. Sylas knocked out nd bloody, the "Cure" all go up in flame. Moe and Penelope are knocked forward by the blast.

Tamera: Fuck! We need to get down their now.

We switch over to Moe's point of view winded and deaf from the blast. Eliza and Slade come into view.

Slade: (Muffled) Moe, Moe, can you here me?

Moe: Help... help her.

Slade: What?

Tamera: Guys, Pen is bleeding!

We see she has a wound in her chest, a graze from the Doctor's gun.

Eliza: Let me see.

The med student is over like a shot.

Slade: Shit, dont tell me...

Eliza: She's not dead yet... the bullet looks to be in shallow but we should get her back home to be properly examined.

Everyone nods heading off.