Machinations of Maniacs is the ninth episode of the sixth season of The Walking Dead the Survival.


Revalations about the fate of missing friend reveal the dark truth behind a sinister plan. .


We open in a dark room. Its quite save for the odd and rhythmic sound of machineary that sounds oddly like medical equipment.

Voice: And these are the last ones?

The lights come on and we see its an isolation ward with two beds occupied. Its hard to tell who the occupants are with all the protective wrappings around the beds. However, from the outlines of the occupants we can tell one is male and the other female.

D.r Sylas: Yes, unfortunately the subject three passed in the night.

We the see the doctor and a group of observers watching the room. From the look of their cloathing they seem to be important types. Their faces however, are hidden from the audience.

Voice: Any reanimation?

Dr Sylas: No, thankfully which gives us hope that these last two subjects will produce the answer.

Voice 2: It better had.... we spent a lot of recourses to get you implaneted into that city and even more to get you and the subjects out.

Voice: And that was with out the collateral damage of your tests.

The doctor acts like he has not heard them. Watching the two subject like they were lab specimens; waiting for something that only he knows of.

Voice 2: Did you really need to sedate them so heavily?.

Dr Sylas: There is no need for concern, the dose is calibrated so there is no worry of accidental death.

Voice 1: Besides they are less likely to run this way.

This leads to a small chuckle. We don't understand yet but feel there is something more to this joke.

Dr Sylas: Jokes aside subject 2 needs to be watched; family might be keeping her going but its also a motive to try and escape.

We pan back to the bed of the female patient lost in dreamless sleep. Its to close and quick to tell but we get a faint hope it might be Penelope.

Voice 2: We will be arriving shortly, get the last of what you need from the patients then we will move on to field testing the devices.

Voice 1: With any luck we will expand our holdings in the month.

The group leaves and we pull out to reveal the lab is on a massive air craft carrier approaching a dock.

The scene changes to another part of the ocean and we see the ship from los angles powering through the waves.

Tamera: Finally some sun.... I was going stir crazy down below morning noon and night.

Moe joins her on the deck, arms stretched and taking in the sun, we see from the deck the ship has been through a harsh storm. In the backgound we see the ship survivors and crew cleaning up and taking out the odd walker that has washed onto the ship.

Moe: Indeed, it does feel good to enjoy the simple things.

Tamera: That and get away from Slade's snoring for a bit.

They both chuckle at that.

Tamera: So we are hitting land soon.

Moe nods.

Tamera: You know I always wanted to visit Europe I just never thought it would be a post apocalypse world or by boat.

Moe: Be thankful its in a modern boat, old sailing ship and we would be months behind them.

Tamera: Still I feel a tad uneasy, the ocean is one thing but another country....

Moe: I understand, its only been a few years since this started but it feels like centuries between counties.

Amy: Do you think many people survived here?

The two move to allow her to join them.

Moe: Well someone must have to organize the events of the past few months.

Tamera: Still we cant assume everyone here wants to do us wrong, plenty of decent folk survived in America along with the bad.

They nod and we see the thin strip of land on the horizon.

Amy: So Henderson reckons this harbor is a safe one?

Moe: Safe enough from what the surveillance drones say but just to be safe the captain says we will anchor off shore and a small team will head in in the morning to scout the area.

We switch to the harbor it self and it seems deserted.

Moe v.o: Who knows we may even gets some leads.

Tucked out of sight in a sheltrered area is the enemy sub.