The Ones we Leave Behind is the fifth episode of the sixth season of The Walking Dead the Survival.


Back in the city those left behind try to carry on with life as normal; but worry and fresh wounds make things a challenge.


We open in someone's home in the city has an alarm clock goes from 8.59 to 9.00am and start ringing. A hand, actualy several come into view and we see a montage of the remaining survivors getting up and going about getting ready for their day.

Radio voice: Good Morning Los Angels, this is DJ Little Stevie coming to live on this fine morning and what a fine morning it is for Founders day.

We continue the montage of everyone getting ready through the day and some smiles at the mention of founders day.

Little Stevie: That's right for the next 24 hours there will be food, drink and a whole day free of work to celebrate the founding of our fair city.

An audience style cheer goes up from the DJ's soundboard.

Little Stevie: So now lets take the first request of the day from block LD, its an oldie but a goodie, take it Queen.

We are the champions plays over the airways and we transition to the local street where we see Cage, Michael and Tobias walking along and taking in the sight. Its like a small fesitival with vendors selling food, drink and various trinkets to the public.

Tobias: Nothing like a new tradition to boost public moral.

Cage: You got a point there old man, after the shit of the last few months its nice to see people walking the street and smiling.

Michael v.o.: And all the cotton candy you can eat.

Cage laughs uproaringling at that slapping the younger man on the back and almost sending his face into the cotton candy he is holding.

Tobias: Trust you to enjoy the simple things in life.

He then looks into the crowd.

Tobias: Looks like someone might be about to compete with you on the most Cotton Candy eaten.

Penny: Cage, Tobias, Michael.

The girl wanders up followed beind by Tank who has little Toby in a stroller. In one hand she has a stick of cotton candy and in another a stuffed bear won from one of the stands.

Cage: Looks like someone's had some good luck at the ring toss.

The girl beams at him.

Penny: The man said I was the best he had seen all day and Tank got me and Toby some Cotton Candy after.

Tank smiles though he gives the three men a look in his eyes that tells them he needs to talk.

Tobias: Say why don't we all go over to the park now and meet up with Nathan and Karina, they should have picked out a good spot for the barbecue for later.

Penny looks a tad suspisious but Cage gets in a word before she can speak.

Cage: C'mon Pen i'll show you a great way to make extra spicy chilly burgers that my own grand pap showd me.

Penny: Can you put mustard on them?

Cage just smiles and leads the girl on ahead while Tobias and Michael follow behind with Tank and the stroller.

Tobias: How is she faring?

Tank: On the surface I would say pretty good.... her brother he could be on a beach or at home and would be happy.

Michael v.o: Underneath?

Tank: .... I'm no shrink but she does miss her mom... cries a lot at night that sort of thing.

The group shares a look.

Tobias: You know there are child therapists in the city perhaps...

Tank: Sorry Tobias its a nice thought but after what happened with her mother I don't think she trusts those around here who claim to be doctors.

Everyone laps into an uneasy silence.

Michael v.o: On that happy note lets get going.

We switch over to the park where we see the back of Karina who is sitting and watching the waves glide across the lake. She is seemingly mute to everything around and shivers a bit from the cold; or rather a memory.

Nathan: Karina?

He might be speaking to her from across town has far as she is concerned.

Nathan: Kari....

He reaches out to touch her shoulder only for her to pull him over in a throw. It happened so fast that neither has a chance to process it before Nathan is face to face with a feral looking Karina is now on top of him with a hand poised to strike his wind pipe.

Tobias: Karina!

The rest of the group has arrived looking shocked at confused at the whole thing. Karina looks around startled realizing she has made a serious scene.

Karina: Nathan... I... im's sorry you... you startled me....

Nathan gets up and dusts himself off.

Nathan: Its ok, its my own fault I should not have come from behind like that.

Penny: Are two fighting?

The two look at the kid and Karina bites her lip, embaressed and ashamed at the feeling of weakness and helplessness since the attack.

Nathan: Of course not Penny.

He stretches a bit.

Nathan: Karina was just teaching me to stay on my toes isn't that right.

Karina: cant be to careful in this world even with the walls.

The girl nods at that looking releaved that there is one less thing to worry about.

Penny: Well now we are all here lets eat.

Nathan: Sure thing kid, you get the plates ready and ill get the rest of the food.

She nods and runs off. Nathan starts to pull away only for Karina to stop him.

Karina: Nathan... I really am sorry I just.

Nathan: I know its not your fault believe me I do.

Karina: Its... I cant get out of my head, I... I hate feeling this weak.

He puts a finger to her lip, a genuine smile on his face but something dark in his eye.

Nathan: Trust me if I had the chance I would make those bastards suffer slowly for what they did to you.

Karina: Nathan?

He blinks and the darkness is gone making it hard to tell if that was his other poking through, Nathan himself or a bit of both.

Nathan: Come on the food will be getting cold.

He heads off leaving Karina alone for a moment before she gets moving; a sense of painful unease of being alone and wanting to be with the group.

We switch over to a spred on a picnic table where everyone is seated together.

Tank: This is a good looking spread if I do say so myself.

He is about to dig in when Penny speaks up.

Penny: Can we say grace first?

Everyone looks at her.

Penny: It's... mom used to say....

She bites her lip a bit.

Michael v.o: Its ok do you want to lead?

She nods and everyone holds hands and closes their eyes.

Penny: Dear Father, thank you for the food we are about to eat and the friends we get to eat it with.

She pauses to hold back some tears.

Penny: We also ask, if its not to much trouble, please keep and eye on mom, Moe and the others out at sea, keep them safe and bring them all home safe and well, Amen.

All: Amen.

We the drift away from the scene into the ocean at night, silent and hiding the fate of the other survivors for now.