To Seal the Dragon's Maw is the thirteenth episode of the sixth season of The Walking Dead the Survival.


A desperate search leads to a daring escape and a race to stop a terrible wrath.


We open outside the power plant, all is errie and quite save for one sound in particular; the sound of automated gun fire.

Russian soldier: Another one falls.

We see two soldiers keeping watch near an automated gun turret watching has the weapon takes down a few lone walkers that stumble into view.

Russian Soldier 2: Yes, shame we did have more of theses back home... would have made quick work of these devil.

Russian Soldier: No need to look so glum, come the end of the week the walkers will fall as easily as fresh snow.

They chuckle amoung themselves before the sound of a small engine catches their attention.

Russian Soldier: Now what.

He takes out a pair of binoculars and looks out into the distance for the approaching sound which is revealed to be a small remote control car.

Russian Soldier: What... what are those little fools trying now?

Russian Soldier 2: Which ones, the children from the riverbanks or maybe that bitch Brigit wants to join her brother.

They chuckle only for the sound of an explosion to fill the air.

Russian Soldier (To radio): Main unit to the front gate, the rest of you keep an eye on the perimeter, if these fools think we are going to be distracted they will be in for a surprise.

Elsewhere we see another part of the fence and another guard tower and focus on the radio message.

Soldier 3: Message received.

Jackson: Good boy.

We see him, Eliza, Moe in the guard tower; Eliza has a syringe of something pointed at the man's throat.

Moe: Ok I think we are done here.

Jackson nods and knocks the guy out.

Eliza: Well one done... who knows how many to go.

Jackson: With any luck most of these fucks will be looking in the wrong direction so we can pull off the next part of the plan.

He nods to Moe.

Moe: Here's hoping the gods are kind.

He takes out a mirror and starts signaling to somewhere outside unseen.

Slade: That's the signal.

We pull back to see Slade looking at the base through binoculours with Tamera and Henderson, a mix of boat personal and locals nearby. They have something set up we don't see just yet.

Henderson: Good time to give these assholes a headache.

He turns to Conner who's people are fussing over the unseen items.

Henderson: Light em up.

The mute nods and gives the signal to his people and we see what they have; heavy duty firework launchers; the kind used for big parades or shows.

Slade: And here I was worried we were going to miss the fourth of july.

His laughs are drowned out by the roar of the rockets.

Tamera( Shoutinng): Well here's hoping these things do the trick.

We switch inside the power plant, tracking through various rooms where people seem to be going about their buisness before an alarm sounds.

Soldier voice: Alert, alert, attack imminent, all combat personal to the main gates, I repeat all combat personel to the main gates.

People march by and we see Doctor Sylas walking in the opposite direction; angry and irritated.

Dr. Sylas: Talk about poor timing.

He walks into a lab and we see people hurrying around loading canisters into what looks like missiles. The doctor goes to the nearest man.

Dr. Sylas: Is that the last of the antigen?

Worker 1: Yes sir, all ready for storage and....

Dr. Sylas: Send them to the lauch plantforms.

Worker 1: But sir the alert....

Dr Sylas: Will be taken care of we need to show the fruits of our labour... that the work we have done has been worth it. Its the look of clear madness tinged with exhaustion get's the man to nod fearfully and he heads off to order people to work.

Dr Sylas: Time to make history.

We switch back to outside where a full on firefight has broken out.

Soldier 1: I repeat send back up now!

Following his line of sight we see the combined forces of the boat and local groups. It's clear they have numbers on their side and with the weapons from the boat crew things are going in the attacker's favour.

Henderson: Keep everything tight, last thing we need is a few of these bastards to bite us in the ass.

Eliza: Don't worry my people have it covered.

She indicates people doing surpressing fire from various points in the area; the camoflague gear showing they must have arrived before the rest of the group.

Henderson: Dam, who knew a bunch of former drama geeks would be good special ops mercs.

Eliza: Hey in this world you learn fast what skills you have are good in helping you survive, learning to shoot was just a bonus.

Henderson: Well lets just hope the others can do their part.

We switch back into the base and a soldier running down the corridor to the fighting.

Moe v.o: Hey can you help me out I seem to be a little lost.

The soldier turns to see Moe and raising their gun only to be hit from behind by Jackson. Slade: Nice shot, he Tamera and a few other fighters run up.

Jackson: Thanks... you guys set the charges?

Slade: Yep, just the last load now and these guys are going to get the ultimate firecracker up their assess.

Moe: Any sign of the patients?

Slade: Moe... you cant... there does not seem to be an obvious place they could be keeping them.

Henderson (Radio): Hey Ladies, if your finished with your facials its time to book unless you want to fly across country?

Moe: Get out now I'll set the last of the charges.

Slade: Moe....

The look in his eyes tells Slade this is not up for debate.

Jackson: Your a ballsy son a bitch I will give you that much.... she must be a very special woman.

Moe: No more than any other but, I made a promise to her daughter, dead or alive she will get closure.

They nod.

Eliza: We will give you 15, whatever happens then get your ass out.

Moe nods solmly and runs off with the gear.

Slade: If he's up there Moe I hope the Big will work a big miracle for you.

The others run off.