A Bargain with the Devil is the eleventh episode of the sixth season of The Walking Dead the Survival.


In search of a key piece of information a terrible bargain must be struck.


We open on the survivors ship where Slade is making a video call to someone back to LA.

Slade: And that's basically what's happened in the last 24 hours.

Cage: Shit.... well I best tell Adam he's lost the bet.

Slade chuckles a bit at this, despite giving the impression something serious is going on, his friend's joke works to take the weight off.

Slade: Honestly you guys really made a pool to see what country we ended up in?

Cage: Hey, until football and basketball come back in style we got to find something to bet on and at the least this is clean.

Slade: I guess, so everyone holding up ok?

Cage: As well as can be expected, people in the city are trying to carry on as normal.

Slade: Well has normal as things can be all those things considered.

They laugh again.

Cage: Geez when did flesh eating ghouls and mad science conspiracy become a normal Tuesday?

They laugh a bit more before things go serious in time with a small beeping noise warning the call in nearly over.

Cage: Look one of you get in touch again tonight and tell us what that French chick is offering.

Slade: Will do.

Cage: You think they can be of help?

Slade: Well her group did not turn Moe into swiss cheese so that's something.

We switch to what was once a sport stadium pre apocalypse. Now its been converted into a fort/ shantie town with a few ramshackle additions such as towers and a few odd aditions.

Brigit: Home sweet home.

We pull out to show Brigit's group followed by Moe, Tamera, Amy, Henderson and a few soldiers from the boat who are on foot.

Henderson: Well its no Chataueu de ritz.

The French group give him a sharp look.

Brigit: She may not be a city but she is home and she has weathered much since this all started.

The woman turns to her group and they mutter in French before one rides on ahead.

Brigit: He will tell the others we are returning with you now and all is well.

Henderson: Really.

Brigit: You do not trust my words?

Moe: No, we are just being cautious like yourselves.

Brigit: Wise words there are monsters in this world that still draw breath and walk like men.

Henderson: Yeh about that?

Brigit: We shall talk inside, it is better you see the damage the so called men of science delivered us. Then you will know we are on the same side.

We switch to the inside of the stadium and the scene would not look that out of place in a medevil village. The pitch has been converted into a market/ garden with various crops growing while the upper levels and stands have been converted into make shift homes.

Moe: How many do you have here.

We see them walking through a corridor in the upper area over looking things. A few inhabitance watch them with curiosity and suspsion. More than a few shy away from the soldiers and their weapons like stray dogs.

Brigit: More than 100 but less than 500. Though we are not the largest comunity in the area.

Henderson looks irated by her vague answers but keeps quite; the stragist in him taking stock of things.

Amy: Things looks pretty cramped how have you been dealing with the risk of illness?

Brigit: We have not had to deal with much sickness since the taking.

Moe: Taking?

Brigit: It... it is the word we have for what happened here and in some of the settlements a few months ago.

She pauses at a door.

Brigit: Here, see.

They follow her inside and we see what looks like a chapel of sorts. There are warm drapes and candles lit. Some photos are here and there along with names carved onto wood planks and what ever else can be found. However everyone is drawn to the far back of the room.

Tamera: Is that what I think it is.

We see what looks like a large board normally used for missing persons. Its divided and decorated in different ways; we quickly realize for the various settlements. Each section is covered in pictures of people of various ages, young and old.

Brigit: These are our lost, the ones taken by those who claimed to be there to help. They came to our homes pretending to be survivors, doctors willing to help but, all they did was take.

Moe: How many?

Brigit: To many to be counted... some were lost in so called "tests" but these ones have vanished... we not if they are alive or dead.

Henderson: Do you at least know where those bastards come from?

Brigit: We do but it would be suicide for us to try.... at least before....

Moe gets it.

Moe: Before we arrived.

The woman turns to walk to a nearby window that looks outside into the empty wastes of the city.

Brigit: I will not play here... what has happened in the past months has left many in the area very angry.

Tamera: Well there is plenty of that going around.

Henderson: So if you have known where these people are why have you not made a move.?

Brigit: You must understand, we have not all been fortunate with our tools has those in other places. We may be a little better than castle dwellers but compared to what you seem to have and what they have we would not last long in battle.

Moe: You make it sound like they have a fortress.

Brigit: It is a strong place and those who tried in the past to liberate those they care for have not returned... at least not in one piece.

Nobody likes that implication.

Brigit: The last group that tried, my brother led them... and I had to put his walker down last week.

An uneasy silence fills the room.

Amy: I'm sorry about what happened here and to your brother but... what is it you are asking of us?

Brigit: In 3 days there will be a meeting here representetives from the other camps will come.

Henderson: That sounds convenient.

Moe: Yes... one of your people sent more than one message of our arrival.

The woman just smiles.

Henderson: Fuck... I knew this was a bad idea.

Brigit: There is no need for such language and there was need for secrecy in order to get you here.

Amy: Why... we were willing to help with knowledge, medience... trade even.

Brigit: Trade is one thing but what we need is something more than mediecene and food.

Henderson: You need weapons.

Moe: So if i understand this right we give you weapons and you....

Brigit: Will give you the location of your friends.

Everone is silent in thought at the prospect.

Moe: So to save our friends... save everone we have to go to war.

Brigit: You have three days to make a final choice.

Everone is silent, contemplating and dreading what will come and its cost.