Fruit from the Poisoned is the third episode of the Fifth season of Walking Dead the Survival.


Simple vacinations within the community start with the promise of a return to nomalacy but may end with the start of a deadly new plague.


We open outside the blood clinic in the early morning after the previous days events. Its quite and not many people are around; the only sound is bird song and the distant sound of people going about early work. Every so often the faint sound of a moan and a gunshot has a sniper or automated gun turret takes a walker close to the city walls.

Slade: Are you sure this is a good idea? I mean even if Adam convinced the cops, how do we know those mad doctors are not watching those closest to their "test subjects".

We pull back to view Slade and Moe watching the place from the tree line. The others are nowhere to be seen but its apparent they are not to far away.

Moe: There were to many risks for all of us if we went charging in guns blazing off the bat.

Slade: I guess, but you said it yourself those walkers looked secure enough.

Moe: From what I could see but there are to many factors now to consider.... what the cages are famaged, hat if they can be opened automatically....

Slade: Fine, fine I get your point.

Moe nods.

Slade: Heads up.

He indicates Amy and Cage coming over; both are dressed in tracksuits and hats; looking the part of joggers out for some early morning excersise before work. Slade and Moe move further down where the trees follow the path and out of sight of the clinic so the other two can talk to them without being seen.

Cage: Well the three conspiracy buffs were on to something; it looks like something big is going on there today; the loading dock round the back is swarming with people and there loading stuff into a lot of trucks.

Moe: What kind of stuff?

Amy: Hard to see without drawing attention to ourselves.... Michael and Tamera might have better luck on their end.

Slade: I still think we should have had Adam and our new hacker "friends" look into there computers.

Moe frowns at Slade's words but says nothing about it.

Moe: Adam and I agreed he should go to work as normal in case they were watching him.... and why its just four of us meeting here at the moment.

Cage: I know, still its a shame he could not be here, the guy was shaken up badly by what happened with the kid over the phone.

Moe frowns at that; whats happened has stuck a bad cord with him; especially the abduction of Penny and Toby.

Slade: So how are we even going to get in there and get them out this time? Somehow I dont think these people are going to fall for the same trick twice.

Cage: That and its harder to keep a face hidden and slip away in the daylight.

Moe: Kind of the point really; they are probably going to expect it so we have to think outside the box.... hit them when they wont see it coming.

Slade: You've been getting ideas from Nathan's bad side?

Moe gives him an unreadable look and Slade just throws his hands up in exaspration.

Moe: No, but he had a point about not everyone being here today... we are to noticible in a big group and if anything happened to us today at least there's backup.

Amy: Heads up.

She indicates Tamera and Michael who are walking up as casually as possible so as to avoid any kind of suspicion.

Cage: Bout time you two turned up.

Tamera: Sorry, what every's going on over there security's tight, you'd think they were loading dynamite or gold into those trucks.

Slade: No walkers?

Tamera: Ask super spy.

She indicates Michael who is pulling a small camera out of his pocket wich he hands to Moe. Moe takes it and flips through the pictures of workers loading boxes into vans. He pauses on one image and zooms in on a box in an attempt to make out its destination.

Moe: Court Drive?

Amy: There's a small clinic there, its on the maps in the hospital, they keep a record of all the smaller clinic in the hospital for delivery purposes.

Slade: Makes sense but why all the security for bandages and bedpans?

Moe: Its the vaccines.

That word is like a lightening rod up their backs.

Amy: What... that's to soon there's no way they've done any proper testing on it.

Slade: Proably some big wig pushing for results upstairs.

Amy: I'm serious, Slade an untested vacine for anything can do more damage the diesse its trying to fight.

Tamera gets between to try and defuse any potential argument that might rise.

Tamera: Maby they are moving stuff around for storage, I mean we don't know what exactly is in the boxes?

Michael v.o: Could not get to close to look.

Cage: We can figure that out later we have bigger fish to fry right now.

Amy: Yes but if that serum is untested it could be hundreds of lives on the line rather than a few.

She looks to Moe who is silently looking in the direction of the clinic.

Moe: Amy you and Cage go meet up with the others.....

Amy: Moe? This is serious we need to warn people.

Moe: How long would it take them to set up to run vaccinations?

She pauses momentarily at his words.

Amy: Couple of house at a single clinic but for a city this big a day perhaps two.

Moe: Then its settled.

His tone indicates this is not up for discussion but she gives him a hard look; her sensibilities as a doctor are not going to let this lie.

Moe: I understand Amy, belive me I do but those people need help now and perhaps with them we can stops the vacines from going forward and avoid a much larger catastrophe.

Amy:.... Ok but I am going to swing by the hospital after; see if I can weasel out some information about what's going on... maybe figure out where and when any kind of vaccines will be taking place.

Moe nods and the two quickly depart.

Slade: So what's the plan for getting in boss?

Moe: Hmm I was thinking the direct approach.

Slade:.... You serious?

Moe smiles looking between the two with a grin.

Tamera: I am not likeing that look.

Later we see the inside of the clinic is all but deserted with only a single receptionist and a guard by the Door Moe slipped through before on duty. The quite is interrupted by the sound of argument.

Slade: I told you to watch where your going you dumb bitch.

Tamera: You call me bitch one more time and your gonna be having more than a black eye.

The two members of staff look up to see the two surviors stumble into the main reception bloody and at each others throats.

Receptionist: Hey what the hell is all this?

Tamera: But out blondie this is between me and this two time punk ass.

Slade: That all you got bitch I've heard better insults from a walker.

They continue to fight oblivious to the two staff members who look in bewilderment before running into to try and break them up. On a day like this a scuffle like this is not only a nuisance but could also cost them their jobs.

Guard: All right, either break it or take it outside.

Slade: Up yours mate its a free country.

They are so focused in trying to break the two up they do not see Moe come in , dressed in janitor scrubs and head bowed to the camera.

Moe: You need any help there?

He gets to response from the Guard and receptionist and nods to Slade who's face is view and mouths to him to hurry.

Slade: You know perhaps you two need to chill out.

Before the two can process his words the two survivours have pulled out tasers and hit the two.

Tamera: Well that was fun.

Slade: Speak for yourself. This corn startch is disgusting.

Its then we realize the blood on the pair is actually fake blood.

Moe: Just be thankfull there were no doctors and only one guard.

Tamera: That and these two couldn't tell fake blood to the real thing.

They nod while Moe is rummaging through the guard's pocket for a key card and a key card.

Tamera: Are you sure you don't want us to come with you.

Moe: To risky, besides I can move quicker on my own. Just make sure those two don't wake up and stay out of sight.

Slade: Right and here's hoping no one is to awake to notice the cameras have been tweeked.

Tamera: I'm not to concerned but let not push our luck and hope Adam and those three bought us enough time.

The three nod and Moe head to the back, pausing to steady himself before swiping the card to enter the sub area of the clinic. He briefly looks back to see Tamera and Slade dragging the two unconscious workers out of sight, narrowly ducking out of sight has a large truck drives past.

Moe: Here's hoping out luck holds true.

Later we see Slade and Tamera and Slade waiting expectantly has Moe emerges pale and shaking.

Tamera: Moe what is it... there not?

Moe: No the dead are dead but the paitients.... no ones down there it does not like they have been there for days.

Slade: Did you look everywhere?

Moe: Yes... twice.

Tamera: Well where the fuck are they?

We end on an unown isolation ward somewhere full of the test subjects all sedated and being monitored.