Who Shall Cross the Divide is the twelfth episode of the fifth season of The Walking Dead the Survival.


Decisions are made reguarding a recent discovery and important choices are made that may divide the group forever.


We open in the evening in the city and switch to the hospital in one of the staff waiting rooms. Amy is sitting around and waiting to be called. She is reading a magazine, we see from the date its a preapocalyse one but it seems to be interesting.

Amy: Hard to believe that people were so into this stuff a few years ago.

She chuckles and is about to turn the page when her pager beeps.

Amy: Never a dull moment.

She gets up and heads for the door while in the middle of straigtening herself up and walks face first into someone.

Amy: Oh.. excuse....

Issac: No problem Dr. Sylas.

He notes her wary and distrustful look.

Issac: No need for that my dear doctor there is no need for that kind of look.

Amy: Well why are you here?.... because you dont look sick.

Issac: Its actually about Moe and his merry band.

Amy's eyes widen at this and we switch over to Karina's room. She is awake and out of bed; dressed and looking out the window to the city below. The sight of people going about their business happy should cheer her up but she winces has the memory of her attack cuts through the images like flashes of lightning.

Karina: C.. get it together.

She smacks a hand against her head in frustration.

Adam: Hey...

Karina jumps slightly and turns to see Adam in the doorway holding a bag under his arm.

Karina: Adam, hey so your the one taking me home?

Adam: Yeh everyone else is at work or on "business"

The cryptic mention of their friends "secret" mission for the city puts a bitter taste in their mouths for a moment.

Adam: Anyway, its a bit cliché but I picked you up some grapes and some chocolates.

He smiles weakly holding up the bag. Despite everything she has been through and her restlessness of being here she cant take it out on her friend.

Karina: Well lets take those grapes to the park and maybe we can split the chocolate with the kids.

He smiles at that.

Adam: I can work with that.

They smile and head out the door together.

We then switch around to a secure ward were Moe and the others are being examined by a team of doctors lead by Amy. Issacs stands to one side talking on a phone to unkown people.

Cage: Fuck this shit.

He pulls his arm away from the nurse who has taken blood from him.

Tamera: Tell me about it, we have already been through this song and dance once this year.

Tank: Could be worse, they could have locked us up in cells for another 60 days.

Slade: Don't jinx it man they might still lock us up until we are useful again.

Tank chuckles weakly has do some of the others but Moe remains darkly silent watching Issacs on the phone; noting the edgy look on the man's face.

Slade: Hey Moe, Moe... Moe!

The man jerks from the noise and Slade reaching over to give a rough shove to get his attention.

Moe: What?

Slade: Dude you were miles away.

Moe: I.... its just what we saw out there has me worried.

The small group shares a look, they understand the immediate concern but the look in their leader's eyes gets there attention.

Cage: I know that look what's on your mind?

Moe: I.... I'm not sure yet but there's to many things happening now, so close together to not be a coincidence.

Slade: Moe... shit you dont think that this has something to do with what happened with Penelope do you? I mean how would it even connect?

Moe is silent in thought and is about to continue speaking before an alarm rings through the building followed by a distant bang.

Tamera: What the hell was that.

Issac: That was someone knocking at our door.

Moe: What?

Issac looks at him with guarded worry and concern.

Slade: Wait are are you say we led those freaks at the harbor here.?

Tamera: How in the hell would we have?

Issac: It doesent matter now. What matters is they are here and we need to deal with it.

We pull back to outside the wall where a medium sized army is assembled; a mix of soldiers, bandits and even a few tanks.

Issac v.o.: Prefrably before all hell breaks lose.