Under a Peaceful Land is the eighth episode of season four of Walking Dead the Survival.


Moe searches for answers to a nagging unease and discovers a disturbing secret beneath the city streets.


We open to the sound of light rainfall. From a wall clock we can see its nine o clock at night. Zomming in on a small eye we see we are in Penny's room. She is dressed in pyjamas and has her ear pressed to the door trying to listen in on what happening on the other side of the door.

Penelope: Yes, I understand... nine tomorrow sharp.... and I will bring Toby to.... and your sure this will be safe?

A pause has Penelope listens to the speaker.

Penelope: Yes I understand.... goodbye.

We hear her putting the phone down and letting out a sigh. In her room Penny looks from the door to her brother's cot. She does not understand much of what she has heard but she knows its not good. She begins to back away quietly to her bed; just making it at the sound of footsteps. Quickly getting under the blankets she freighns sleep as Penelope enters.

Penelope v.o.: I love you both so much.

Daring to peek she see's her mom bending down to kiss Toby on the head.

Penelope: It will be just fine.

The creak of Penny's bed startles her and she turns. The girl is quicker and rises to make it look as if her mother disturbed her sleep.

Penny: Mom? What... is it wa...

Penelope: No sweaty I just wanted to make sure the two of you were settled.

Penny can see that's not the case but she does not want to let slip she was spying. She decides to try a gambit.

Penny: Well ill just get back...

Penelope: No, its just, listen Penny your brother and I will be out for most of the day tomorrow, so I am trusting you with the house ok.

She giggles.

Penny: Mom I have handled walkers I think I can look after a house.

She smiles back at her daughter but its a half smile that hides a worry and sadness.

Penelope: Ok, but if anything goes wrong, burst pipe, anything call Moe or one of the others before you call someone to fix the problem.

Penny: Ok.

They talk a bit more and we fade to black.

Two days later.

We open on Moe's sleeping eye being awoken to the sound of the frantic ringing of his doorbell. Getting up he sleppily goes to the door.

Moe: I'm up i....

Has he opens the door a small figure barrels into his mid section weeping hystericaly.

Moe: Penny what in the....

Penny: Moe, its mom, she didn't... Toby.... I .....

She just sobs some more. Moe is a mix of stunned and sleepy to do much but try and calm her down with a weak hug.


We se Moe, Tobias, Cage, Karina, Amy and Adam listening to Penny explain the situation. She has calmed down some but her eyes are still wet with tears.

Karina: And she's been gone for two who days?

Penny: Yes, Toby to, he's not at the sitters either.

Tobias: Did you try everywhere she might be, her workplace, the hospital?

Penny nods.

Amy: If she was at the hospital I did not see her there.

They lapse into silence. Moe has his eyes closed, thinking over the situation and the odd things he and the others have noticed since they have been here. He gets up to look out the window.

Cage: I know that look.

Moe: Penny do you know exactly where your mother went?

Penny nods sheepishly but does not speak. The look of a child with a secret she has been sworn to keep. Adam and Amy sit next to her.

Adam: Penny, you can tell us you do know that right?

Penny: Its.... mom made me promise not to say.

Amy: Your mom also said you should come and see us if there was any trouble.

Penny: Yes... she did.

Adam (takes her hand gently and speaks softly): Penny if your mom and brother are in some kind of trouble we want to help them, but we need the facts. If we didn't all trust each other out there we wouldn't have made it this far now.

Penny nods weakly and sighs trying the find the best way to explain what she knows. Moe has turned to listen also.

Penny: There's this place she goes to almost one a week sometimes more. I think its a clinic because she took me and Toby to once.

Amy: Clinic?

Cage: Like at the hospital?

Penny: No but its near the hospital, I did not like it there it felt creepy.

Moe: What happened there?

Penny: They were taking people's blood, they told mom when they brought me the second time my blood was no good.

Tobias: What about Toby and your mother?

Penny: I.... don't know but she kept getting calls from them. I tried listening in one night but mom got upset... now she is gone.

She starts to sniffle and Moe walks over to her to put a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

Moe: Penny I promise we will find out what happened to your mother and bring her and your brother home to you.

She smiles weakly.

Cage: So what's the plan then boss?

Moe: Karina can you take Penny to your apartment?

Karina: Sure she will be safe with me and Nathan.

Tobias: Both of him?

Karina: She will be fine provided nothing stressful happens to come knocking on the door.

Moe: Good, Tobias go with them to.

Cage: What about me, ive got work tonight helping to rebuild some of the disused buldings.

Moe (grinning): Well I have an idea about that,

Later we see the outside of the Heartfield clinic. It looks like a standard open clinic and we see a few people going in and out but it looks like the place is closing up for the evening.

Moe: And your sure this will look convincing?

Amy: Trust me it will work, you fix enough wounds you get a good idea of how to make a convincing fake.

We see Amy is working on making it look like Moe has a nasty cut running down his arm.

Adam: I still think some of us should have come with you.

Moe: To risky, and I can find them a lit faster on my own.

We see he is dressed in his work cloths; a janitor.

Moe: There are people that you never bat an eye to; even in this world.

Adam: Ok.... lets just hope Cage can do his part.

Across the street the lights begin to flicker.

Moe: Well I best get going.

Adam: Ok at best I can give you and hour, perhaps two while I bring the power back on for them.

Amy: Here .

She hands him a blank card.

Amy: A security pass from the hospital, hopefully it will work in the clinic.

Moe: And hopefully I wont need it.

He heads off, walking slowly and holding his arm. No one pays him much mind since the "wound" despite looking nasty does not scream serious. Moe enters and goes to reception.

Receptionist: What happened there?

Moe: Got caught up in a bar fight.

Receptionist: Shit happens, take a number.

Moe is lucky the woman seems more interested in clocking off than his reasons for being there and takes a ticket to sit down. There are only eight other people there; ten if you count the receptionist and a guy washing windows outside.

Moe: Any time now.

He has his eye focused on a door that leads to the inpatinet ward. All of a sudden the lights go out sending the room into blackness. Only the faint light of the emergency power for the computers show to everyone its a power cut.

Receptionist: Fucking great.

She reaches for a wall phone and Moe takes this chance and slips unseen to the door and passes through undetected. He finds a wash room and quickly cleans his arm up before heading back into the main hallway. Taking a torch from his pocket he begins to explore.

Moe (whispering): Penelope!, Penelope!

Man: Hey you.

He freezes and turns to see a doctor approaching irritably

Doctor: Finaly someone from maintinece, we have been waiting fucking hours for you people.

Moe: Sorry, busy at the last job.

Doctor: Whatever, here

''He hands Moe an emergency key card.

Doctor: Take the stairs down to the sub wing; one of those rookies spilt some of the samples and its got the test subjects riled up so watch yourself.

Before Moe can ask him anymore questions he is off leaving Moe looking dumbfounded at the key. True it might take up to much of his time but its a good a place as any to start looking for Penelope and Toby.

Moe: If this is a sign, I prey it leads me in the right direction.

He heads for the stairwell and instantly we see something suspicious. Unlike the rest of the building the lights are still on. Back up generators or a separate power system? Moe is at the ground floor and stairs through the window at the mess he has been sent to clean; several smashed viles of blood and organs for donation lie on the floor like meat left out for animals at the zoo. Nearby cleaning supplies have been set up. A low groaning can be heard through the glass. A sound that is familiar but hard to pinpoint.

Moe: Well at least this should not take to long.

He opens the door and walks through. Its only a few seconds before the sight makes his blood run cold. Walkers! Of various states of decay are locked in isolation cells; separated from Moe by strong glass like those in a modern zoo. While some are distracted by the meat the others turn and snarl at him.

Moe: What in the world.