Bring the House Down in the fourth episode of season 4 of Walking Dead the Survival.


While his friends search for him in the city, Moe finds himself in a perilous situation.


We open with Moe in the cellar staring at the lead interrogator a man in his late twenties with dark hair and pale green eyes. There is another man guarding the door with a gun and a middle age woman in glasses.

Man 1: You hear me shithead, your gonna give us some answers now.

Moe remains silent looking between the three, they don't look like official interegators, sure they look serious but anyone who has survived this long is going to have cultivated a hardened attitude. Both those with morals and without; Moe just needs to figure out what kind of people's he's dealing with.

Moe: What is all this?

Man 1: Mate you dumb or just stupid I told you we are the ones asking the question.

Moe: Perhaps, but I think I have a right to know why I have been abducted in the dead of night... your not with the authorites that's for sure.

Man 2: And who says we are not wise guy.

Moe: I've been in the cells, both quarantine and.... the jail cells this place looks more like someone's basement or an old wine cellar.

Both the men and the woman look at Moe impassively but the od glint in their eyes tell him he has them rumbled a bit. He smiles a bit.

Man 1: You wont be smileing to long asshole.

He approaches to reveal he is wearing knuckle dusters.

Man 1: Now tell us what the fuck you shits are doing at the blood clinics.

Elsewhere Michael, Karina and Tamera are waiting outside the police office for some of the others.

Tamera: I don't like this.

Karina: I know, but if this is a snatch and grab by the people up top or some local crazies looking to ransom some food stamps we got to this the official way.

Michael nods and types on his hand held speaker.

Michael (v.o): Can't look suspicious.

Tamera: I know..... shit if it would help I'd run into that fucking clinic guns blazing to get Moe out.

Karina: No argument there, but a few air holes in those caged walkers to be safe.

Michael taps her on the shoulder to show Nathan, Adam and Tobias coming out of the Station.

Tamera: Any luck.

Tobias: What do you think?

Karina: The usual bullshit?

Nathan: Yep, despite the law and order of this place there's a bit of a black market and every wants extra coupons and don't care how they get them.

Adam: Hell by the time they get their heads out of their ball sacks Moe might be dead or worse.

They all shudder in thought.

Tamera: Come on all we are doing right now is giving people a show.

Nathan: Yeh.... Amy call yet?

Karina: Nah she's looking but she cant exactly ask out loud if the hospital in keeping walkers in the basement.

Tamera: And Penelope?

Adam: Clammed up tighter than a bank on Sunday.

Tobias: I know, she's dead set these people are doing good work and wont here a word against them.

Adam: Well perhaps they are but I still think they are playing with a can of worms.

Tamera: And I don't want to be around when it goes off.

A phone rings and Adam picks up a cell.

Adam: Yeh, Yeh, shit Ritchie your a lifesaver.

He hangs up.

Tobias: What was that?

Adam: A lead, Jacob works as a janitor at the CTTV sight and talked to some people, said someone nicked a van and I wanted to try and find it.

Tamera: And they bought that?

Adam: Hey shit happens, and they prefer civis to Henderson's goons marching through the place.

Nathan: Well lets go.

They head off, back with Moe who has a black eye and a bloody nose. The second man and woman have left the room.

Man 1: Your a tough SOB, ill give you that.

Moe: I already told you I know nothing about the clinics in fact my friends and I are....

He is struck across the face by the man.

Man 1: Bullshit, we got a guy at the clinic who so you go into the private wards durring the powercut, who else but someone who works for them would do that.

Moe: I was looking for my friend; she was missing her daughter said she had not come home.

The guy looks like he might believe him but at the same time he looks like he has heard the same line time and again. He straightens the knuckle duster on his hand.

Man 1: Next question.

Meanwhile at the CTTV centre Adam, Slade and Tamera and going through footage.

Tamera: Right there.

She points to screen where Moe is attacked and dragged off.

Slade: Well they look like cops.

They move over to another screen where Moe is chucked into the back of a van that is not standard issue for the city police.

Adam: Well that aint a cop car.

Tamera smirks.

Tamera: Well good thing we got a tech head in our mits.

Looks over to Adam

Tamera: Think you can check the registry for the car?

Adam: With my eyes closed, move over.

He sits down and starts typing at the keys.

Back with Moe who is half passed out while the woman is tending to his wounds the two guys are talking.

Man 2: I don't know David I think he's legit, I mean no ones come looking for him yet and he wasnt wearing a GPS they make all there workers wear.

David: Perhaps but Malcom saw him in a janitor's get up, even low level people carry them.

Man 2: Wake up, your being to paranoid for your own good, he said they were looking for a friend of there's and he's not alone.

David: Zane we heard that bull crap before.

Zane: Yeh, from punk lab techs we jumped at bars but it does not change the fact that the deadline for the air release test is a few weeks away.

David: Witch is why need all the info we can get before we go public.... if we don't hundreds of lives could be at risk.

Zane: That's my point, when this started you said we had to keep it small, to avoid a panic or getting shot in the dead of night but what if this guy and his mates are on the level?

David: And if there not?

Before they can continue the sound of banging metal can be heard echoing and reveal it to be coming from a large garage door for a body shop.

Moe looks up a knowing smile on his face.

Outside, revealing a garage in the quite part of town almost all the group sans Penleope and Penny are waiting outside weapons on hand or hidden.

Slade: Knock knock