Angels fall is the first of a two part episode and the eighth episode of season three of the Walking Deal Survivor. It will the survivors separated and trapped in an enemy camp forced to fight to the death.


Captured, caged and separated the survivors find themselves prisoners of a brutal new regime with only two options; die or kill the innocent to earn their freedom.


We open to hear the dulled sound of people roaring in applause. Its not a happy one but the terrible roar of people who want blood. Things become clear and we see a crowd of people looking down into a deep pit; once used to hold animals in quarantine before putting them in an exhibit. Now its a concrete pit covered in dried blood stains here and there. In the middle are two men fighting with switchblades to the death. At the edge of the pit are two guards holding shotguns showing the obvious truth; fight or die.

Man 1: Come on finish him.

Woman 1: Slit his throat.

One of the men jabs out quickly cutting the arm of the other man catching him off guard before stabbing him in the heart. Has the loser falls one of the guards takes aim and shoots the loser in the head. The winner looks up to show the tired and disgusted face of Slade.

Later we Slade thrown into another cage along with several other men, we see another cage opposite with women and more cages are shown in the background all filled with captured people. Slade sighs and sits down.

Moe: So you survived then.

He looks up to see Moe who sits next to him.

Slade: Yeh.... the kid was just eighteen....

Moe: I know... did you happen to catch sight of the others?

Slade nods and motions Moe to a quite area so they will not be over heard. When he is sure there are no guards and no one near he speaks.

Slade: Tamera and Karina are in the cage opposite us that much we do know and last I heard they took Amy to the med wing when they found out she was a nurse. Cage, Adam, Joshua, Nathan and James are in cells spread out around here.

Moe: And the others?

Slade: Hard to tell, we know for sure Michael was able to get away with Penny and the kid but I don't know about Tobias and Penelope.

Moe: We can only hope.

Slade: Yeh well its been three days and Hope has not got us out of these cells.

Moe: I know we can only hope the others are safe and can find us.

Slade: Yeh because I doubt we are gonna be released if we ask nicely.

Moe: Fight or die, not an easy choice.

Slade: I know.... heck we've killed before; psychos and rapists but this is different; these people they did not ask for this.... but....

Moe: I know but we are outgunned, outnumbered and.....

He sighs its clear the last three days has shaken his confidence badly and his faith is hanging on a knife edge. Slade puts an arm on his shoulder trying to comfort him.

Slade: Come on we will get through this.... you got through worse if anything that and this are all the more reason to keep fighting.

He nods glad of his friends words; if he was alone in the cell its clear he would have given into to despair a long time ago. The sound of a trolly being wheeled draws their attention and we se a rigid look Amy wheeling a medical tray while being escorted by two guards.

Guard 1: Medical treatment, none of you shit heads move and you will get your love bites taken care of.

He slaps Amy's ass to get her moving into the women's cell while the prisoners can only look on with sympathy or disgust. Amy looks around and finds Karina and Tamera in the back of the cell and works her way to them while treating some of the other injured women to avoid suspicion. Finaly she reached them. Karina is a little bruzized but Tamera has a split lip.

Amy: Jesus what the hell happened to you?

Tamera: That's nothing, you should see the other guy.

Amy: Sit still and Ill's try and fix it as best I can... they don't give me nearly enough supplies.

She looks away scared and sad.

Karina: What is it... did they hurt you?

Amy: Know... but to be honest I wish they did... there was girl they brought in a little older than Penny she won a fight but her arm was a useless mess... she was bleeding out and they wanted me to "patch her up" but the supplies........ they shot her there and then.

She tries to stifle a tear and Karina takes her shoulder a look of grim determination on her face.

Karina: Listen when we get out of this you point them out to me and those bastards will wish we kill them quickly.

Amy and Tamera are slightly alarmed by Karina's words. The rap at the bars show the guards are impatient, Amy sighs and departs the cell to get back to work.

In another cell.

Its the dead of night and most people have fallen asleep the only light of the moon shines down upon the prisoners. In one of the cells we see Nathan holding a piece of crushed glass contemplating.

Voice: That won't work and you know it.

He freezes at the sound of the voice and looks up at a silhouette in shadows standing over him.

Nathan: This... your not here.

The shadow chuckles.

Voice: Well there are only two explanations.... your dreaming or....

The figure moves into the light revealing himself to Other Nathan.

Other Nathan: Your loseing what's left of our mind.

He chuckles at his own joke while Nathan watches petrified at his Other, no one else is awake and he is alone with this demon.

Nathan: Why are you here?

Other Nathan: Why am I ever here? Because you can't do the nessasry thing... your to weak.

Nathan: Shut up!

Other Nathan: Oh come on its not a hard choice you moron, do or die.

Nathan: I..

Other Nathan: I... I.... fucking hang that moral bullshit of yours because trust me when they throw you in that pit tomorrow the person you will be playing with wont be using theirs.

Nathan look down unable to say anything his other smiles maliciously and bends down so he is face to face with his weaker half; a wolf about to rip about a lamb's throat.

Other Nathan: Stop pretending your so much better than them, we both know deep down what you really are.

Nathan: No I wont.....

Other Nathan: Please your just going to lie there like a bitch in heat and let them walk all over you.... let them kill our pretty little toy.

This gets Nathan riled up now. This may be a figment of his mind but it just crossed the line threatening Karina.

Nathan: Leave her out of this!

But his other has vanished and he is alone in the dark. The ex soldier looks at the glass shard again.... and throws it out of the cage into the darkness.

The next day.

We se Moe and Nathan and a group of other men in a holding area the sound of fighting in the background indicates a fight in progress.

Moe: Cage will get through this.

Nathan: I know... I... Moe this place its... I saw him last night.

Moe: What in a dream?

Nathan:..... its getting worse.

Moe dose not have time to respond before the gate is opened and a bloody and tired looking Cage is ushered through the door. In the background we can make out the corpse of the loser with a knife juttering out of his head.

Cage: I made it quick.

Moe: No ones blaming you it....

Before he can speak again the gate is opened and several armed men appear pointing guns into the cage.

Man: Those who've already fought stay where you are the rest are to come with us.

Prisoner: Bullshi.....

The prisoner is shot in the head.

Man: No excuses move it!

Everyone complies and enters the arena to the roar of the crazed crowd. Moe scans the crowd.

Moe: We've got trouble.... Castor's here today.

In the far right on a jurryrigged podium sits Castor a guy in his early 30's with dark hair and the look of man who is king of his own little world. A modern day Caligular if there ever was one. We also see including the men for the cell Moe and Nathan were in there are in total 30 men now in the arena. Castor raises a hand and the crowd gose silent waiting for the "king" to speak

Castor: My loyal subjects it been a great couple of days has it not?

Everone roars in agreement except the captives.

Castor: Alas all good things must come to end.... though not before one last bloodbath to end all blood baths.

He addresses the prisoners.

Castor: From now on no more one on one bullshit its gonna be a battle royal from now and the lucky two men and women who survive will have the honor of living to see another year.

More cheers but everyone else is freaked suddenly eyeing their fellow captives like slabs of meat and looking at the ground at various weapons that have been thrown in for them.

Castor: Let the games begin!

Cheers erupt and the chaos begins.


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  • Iwan Rheon as Castor