Catch A Tiger by the Tale
Season 2, Episode 4
Episode 4
Air date March 27, 2013
Written by Terelili
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Catch a Tiger by the Tale is the fourth episode of season two of Survivor, and the seventeenth episode overall. It sees the survivors planning a rescue attempt.


Picking up the pieces after their first battle, the arrival of a mysterious visitor inspires a rescue attempt. Meanwhile, one prisoner is placed in a perilous situation while the other is in danger of losing control.


- Michaela is on a dark room. She can`t see a thing. A door is opened, and light enters the room, and we see Michaela`s situation. She`s tied up on a chair, chains binding her to a table. She looks confused and exhausted. The door closes and a light is turned on. We see Cole and Diego walking towards her.-

-Michaela is trembling with fear.-

Michaela: What do you want from me?

-Cole takes out a knife, and slowly approaches her.-

Michaela: No. No. No. Please, let me go!

Cole: You know I can`t do that. As soon as you get back to that factory of yours, you`ll tell your friends our location, everything about us. I just can`t let that happen.

-Cole smiles, and confronts her face to face. He leans his knife towards her face.-

Cole: Now then, what shall I do with you?

-Michaela trembles.-

Michaela: Please.... don`t hurt me..... please-

-Cole smiles.-

Cole: Why shouldn`t I? You killed 10 of my men last night. You`re my prisoner, and I have the right to do with you as I want.

-Cole stares at her body.-

Cole: Whatever I want.

Diego: Cole, it`s enough.

-Cole aparts himself from Michaela, and walks towards Diego.-

Cole: We`ll be going now.

-Michaela seems terrified.-

Cole: Enjoy your stay here.

-Cole and Diego leave the room, Michaela sighs in relief.-

- Cole and Diego are talking on an underground hallway, outside Michaela`s pison room.-

Diego: What was that? You really terrified that girl.

-Cole laughs.-

Cole: You don`t understand, do you, Diego? That we gotta tear them up from the inside, specially women. Create fear in them, so they corrupt themselves, slowly. 

-Cole smiles, and walks away, leaving Diego alone and surprised.-

-Back at the factory, the whole group is talking together.-

Mark: No more going outside alone, no more walking by yourself. What they did last night, was nothing compared to what they can do.

Mia: But what? What are we gonna do? Wait here until they kill us all?

Sara: This place is ours, and we`ll defend it. They killed two of us, gods know if they killed two more. We are at war with them, and we will not just run.

Ryder: But what can we do? We have nothing here, we don`t even know Cole`s base, or how many people he has.

-Karina walks up and down.-

Karina: For God`s sake, Hiro`s dead, Michaela and Nathan captured, and we sit here discussing what we do! We can`t just sit, we must act!

-Moe nods.-

Moe: Karina`s right. The enemy attacked us, we just can`t wait for another attack. 

Mark: So what do you suggest then? Go to Cole`s base? Tell me where it is, and I`ll be glad to knock on his door.

Ryder: Let`s just all calm down, okay?

-Nobody talks, and each slowly walks out of the room.-

-Eric is on Cole`s room. Cole is drinking a small glass of scotch, as Eric stands besides him.-

Eric: How did yesterdays attack went?

-Cole leaves his drink.-

Cole: We killed some of them, but they took down some of us. Of course we didn`t kill all of them. That takes out the point.

-Eric says nothing.-

Cole: Don`t you think so?

Eric: Yes, of course.

-Cole smiles.-

Cole: Eric, Eric. You really are a bad liar. Now, I got some serious business to be done.

-Cole walks to the door.-

Eric: Boss.

-Cole turns around.-

Eric: What sort of business?

Cole: Zombies to be cleared on the dark spot.

-Cole leaves the room. Eric stays a while, and then leaves it too. He is walking down the hallways when he passes past Diego.-

Diego: Eric, we have to talk.

Eric: What is it?

- Diego leads Eric to a closed space.-

Diego: We have two of them.

Eric: What?

Diego: We took two of them as prisoners last night.

Eric: What? Here? Where?

Diego: There`s no time to explain, but you know what Cole will do with them, there`s even a girl.

Eric: Of course I know what he`ll do. 

Diego: We have to lead the other group here.

Eric: Anita.

-Eric knocks Anita door, and he enters her room.-

Anita: What is it?

Eric: We got two of them. You know what he`ll do, you need to go to the factory and lead them here. Now!

Anita: But Cole will notice, you have to go.

Eric: No, he will notice if I`m gone, but not you right now. He`s way too bussy with the prisoners than you, but you need to do it quick.

-Anita grabs some stuff and places them on a bag, she then walks to the door.-

Eric: Anita.

-Eric gives her a revolver. Anita grabs it.-

Eric: Take care.

-Anita leaves the room.-

-Back at the factory, Mark, Evans, Mia and Ryder are taking practice shots.-

-Ryder shoots, and misses the target.-

Ryder: Damn, crossbow`s way easier than this.

Mia: Mark, do you think they`ll be back tonight?

Mark: Let`s hope they won`t. But nobody knows.

Evans: If they do come back, I`ll kill them. Every single one of them. For Hiro.

-Tank enters the room.-

Tank: There`s something important, at the entrance. You guys should come.

-Back at the factory`s entrance, the whole group is talking to Anita.-

Evans: Who is this?

Anita: I`m here to help-

Karina: She is one of them.

-Evans aims his gun at her.-

Evans: You were the ones to kill Hiro!

-Moe and Tank hold Evans back and take his gun away.-

Moe: She`s here to help us.

Mia: Help us?

Anita: Not everyone loves Cole. Some of us hate his methods, and the things he`s done, ans he can do. I came here because ha has taken two of your people, and I`m going to lead you to the base, for you to rescue them. 

-The survivors stare at each other.-

Anita: I don`t have much time, so, you need to come now!

Mark: How can we trust you?

Anita: Because right now, I`m the only thing that stands between your friends and their lives. I`m your only choice, take it or leave it.

Moe: She`s not lying. We should go.

Evans: How can we know she`s not leading us into a trap?

Moe: Because she isn`t! I`m going with you, Anita.

-Anita nods.-

Mark: F**k this, I`m going too. 

-Sara, Evans and Karina offer themselves to help.-

Evans: I`m going to find the truth about this.

Anita: Okay, that`s it. We shouldn`t be too many if we don`t want to call their attention. This should only be a rescue mission. 

Karina: Understood. 

Anita: Now, let`s going.

-the group hugs Moe, Mark, Evans, Karina and Sara before they leave.-

Tank: We`ll be taking hold here, but please, come back. 

Sara: We will.

-The rescue them walks away past the gates, and the left survivors stare at them for behind, until they disappear into the distance.-

Mia: Do you think they`ll be back?

-Tank shook his head.-

Tank: I don`t know.

-The left survivors slowly enter the building.-

-Anita, Moe, Mark, Evans, Karina and Sara are walking down the road to Cole`s base.-

Moe: Who are you? Why are you helping us?

Anita: Because Cole wants to make each one of your lives miserable. And because I hate him.

Moe: Why?

Anita: I`m his mistress. He does with me whatever he wants. He attacks me, hurts me, threatens me, and I can`t stand him anymore. I want to put an end to this. Maybe you can. 

-Nobody talks for a while.-

Karina: This base of yours, what is it?

Anita: It used to be a science investigation base, called Chems. They used to practice confidential experiments before the apocalypse, under the government. We found it abandoned a year ago, and we`v taken it as our base since then. Some rumor the apocalypse started there. And here it is.

-The rescue team stops, as they reach a giant structure circled by a fence. There are some guards patrolling the fence. There`s a big sign that reads: "CHEMS: SCIENCE INVESTIGATION PLANT".-

Sara: How are we gonna get in there?

Anita: Easy, underground.

-Anita gets down on the floor, clears some earth, and reveals what seems to be a hatch. She takes out some keys and opens it, showing darkness, and stairs going down.-

-Nathan is seen hold up by chains on a dark room. He is being hold up on a chair. Cole, Diego, Alliosi and his son, (called Alliosi Junior) are all in the room. Other Nathan has taken over, and is trying to get free the chains.-

Other Nathan: Get me out of here! Psycho killer! I swear I`ll kill you!

-Cole laughs.-

Cole: Now that would be a good soldier, wouldn`t it be?

-Other Nathan gets serious.-

Other Nathan: Get me out of here, or I swear I`ll kill you. 

-Cole nods.-

-Alliosi walks towards Other Nathan and punches him multiple times.-

-Other Nathan suddenly come back to Nathan.-

Nathan: Oh shit... oh shit... I`m loosing it again. I must stay focus.

Alliosi Junior: What is he saying? He`s crazy.

-Other Nathan comes back.-

Other Nathan: Shut it up, you little piece of-AGH!

-Alliosi hits Other Nathan again, leaving his face destroyed.-

-Cole laughs.-

Cole (to Diego): This one will be  fun. What is your problem, are you psycho our what?

Other Nathan; I`m-not-psycho.

-Nathan comes back again.-

Nathan: I have to stop it-

Cole: We`ll take care of you later. 

-Cole prepares to leave the room.-

Cole: Little Allisosi, you take guard of him when we`re gone, remember he might be dangerous. 

-Cole and the others leave the room.-

-Michaela is hold up on the dark room, she is filled with her own sweat, and is getting paranoiac.-

Michaela: Help.... help.....

-The door is suddenly opened, and light engulfs the room. Michaela covers her eyes.-

Michaela: Please, let me go.

-However she is surprised to see Mark, Evans and Karina.-

Mark: That`s what we came for.

-The three cut the chains and let Michaela free.-

Michaela: But how did you-? What did you-?

Karina: There`s no time for questions now. We have to go. Now. 

Evans: Put this on. For disguise.

-Evans hands down a military jacket to Michaela, and she puts it on.-

Michaela: What about Nathan?

Karina: They are taking care of him right now, but we gotta get up as soon as possible. Right now, we`ll lead you the way up, but you must do it quick. Ready?

-They all nod.-

Karina: Now.

-They all hurry out of the room.-

-Anita, Moe and Sara enter Nathan`s prisoner room.-

-Nathan stares at them, confused.-

Alliosi Junior: Anita?

Anita: Cole send me, he wants us to escort the prisoner back to his room for personal interrogation.

Alliosi Junior: Who are those?

Anita: New members. 

Alliosi Junior: I don`t think there are any new members, are you sure they-

-Anita points her gun at Alliosi Junior.-

Anita: I`m sorry about this.

-Anita shots him three times through the chest, and he falls down, dying.-

Sara: Great! Those shots won`t worry anyone.

Anita: Shit.

-They all go to free Nathan, who had came back to his self.-

Moe: We`ll explain later, Nathan. We need to get you out of here.

Anita: You all gotta run as fast as you can. They already know you`re here. 

-Moe opens the door.-

Moe: Thank you. 

-Anita nods.-

Anita: Now, go.

-The three of them rush out of the room, and try to walk indifferently through the halls. Soldiers walk past by them.-

Moe: Escorting the prisoner. 

-A soldier nods.-

-Two soldiers are talking as they pass by, they signal at them. Everyone is suddenly staring at them.-

Sara: Shit, they`ve noticed. 

Moe: Run.

-The three of them start running to the secret exit, as they are chasen by soldiers, some through shots at them, and they throw some back. They reach the exit and get up the stairs, and they are out. They encounter Mark, Karina, Evans and Michaela. An alarm is heard coming from Chems.-

Mark: Let`s get out of here.

-They all run until they catch their pace.-

Karina: Wait, where`s Sara

-Sara is nowhere to be seen.-

Mark: Oh shit.

-Cole was holding a meeting with his full crowd of soldiers. He is standing atop them.-

Cole: They`ve killed too many of us. Now, they come in, and threaten to kill us all!

-The crowd seems to be discontent.-

Cole: They come here, to cause panic! They want to kill us all! But, my fellow friends, I do have some good news. They escaped, but they left one of them aside!

-Sara is escorted besides Cole by two soldiers. She is terrified, as the crowd yells at her.-

Cole: She is one of the monsters that wanted to kill us! She is the enemy! Now, what should I do with her?

-Shouts of: Kill her! No mercy!, are heard.-

-Cole takes out his gun.-

Cole: As you say, what she did is punishable by death!

-The crowd cheers.-

Cole: She doesn`t deserve to live!

-Sara turns pale.-

Cole: Make her kneel!

-Some soldiers bring Sara to her knees.-

-Cole walks towards her, and aims his gun at her head.-

Sara: We will win, Cole, your people will realize the true monster you are.

-Cole smiles.-

Cole: Innocent woman.

Sara: Kill me already. Do it fast, if you are sane enough.

-Sara closes her eyes.-

-A shot is heard, everything turns black. The sound of a cheering crowd is heard.-



Main CastEdit

Denzel Washington as Mark Williams

Naveen Andrews as Muhammed Saied "Moe" Abdullah Alkwar

Gareth David Lloyd as Nathan Holt

Frank Ocean as Evans Rango Lamb

Michele Rodriguez as Karina Djovovich

Allison Scaglioti as Mia Tores

Anja Aguilar as Michaela Oahn

Thomas Brodie Sangster as Ryder Thomas

Danielle Harris as Sara Johnson

IronE Singleton as Thomas "Tank Engine" Elkiroone

Michael C Hall as Cole Morgan

Kate Bracken as Anita Cross

Javier Bardem as Diego Rolands

Jack Coleman as Eric Smide

Guest StarringEdit

Al Pacino as David Alliosi

Unknown as Alliosi Junior


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 ALIVE  The character wasn´t harmed on this episode
 BOSS  The character was the key figure of the group on this episode.
 HARMED  The character was leavily harmed on this episode.
 RISK  The character was at risk of death on this episode.
 RISK  The character was harmed badly on this episode.
 DEAD  The character was killed by a human on this episode
 DEAD  The character was killed by a walker on this episode.
 DEAD  The character died due to wounds on this episode.
 FRIEND  The character helped others on this episode.