Christopher Namikaze




Combat knife, Glock 17, Marlin 1894 CB



followed by




cause of death

Unknown, Stayed behind.

Christopher Namikaze is a character on Season One of The Walking Dead: Survival.


On seasonal Cook/Expo/Assistant Manager at Ravanelli's Restaurant & Carryout. Before the apocalypse occurred, he was studying pastoral ministries at Olivet Nazarene University. He was raised in a loving, christian home, but was picked on, bullied, and beat up nearly everyday of his life during his childhood and teen years for being a Christian, but never did he give up on God. Now that the apocalypse has occurred, he believes God has raised the dead to torture those who have done him wrong and so he can prove to people he was meant to be a leader in Christ by going on a journey helping anyone in need Even though the apocalypse have changed many people he know, he still connects with God every day and pray that He'll have him strength to live on and to help EVERYONE he comes across on his journey while some may be who you will least expect him to help... those who have done him wrong.


Kind, forgiving, loving, truthful, and Leader.

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