Corey Black




gun (doesn´t know how to use it)



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Cause of Death

Eaten by Walkers.

Corey Black is a character on Season One of The Walking Dead: The Survival Season 1.


Born in December 12th of 2002 (age: 10) Corey was always a "special kid", even at a young age he showed fascination with his surroundings, he memorized them and changed them at his will, driving his mom nuts, he never had any friend, he was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome at the age of five, and his only socialization was with his mom, he was home schooled so right now in the middle of the zombie apocalypse he doesn't really have anyone to miss except for his mom, but he does not seem to be deeply affected by her death. just a kid next door that lost everyone in the apocalypse, but somehow managed to survive on his own, he is extremely smart, and was diagnosed with asperger syndrome at the age of five, perhaps this is what saved him from becoming a crazy little monster when he was left alone. since he lacks the strength and training to fight zombies he simply runs and hes very good at it, he modified his neighborhood so that he could climb easily to the rooftops, far away from the zombies grasp, and uses his gun to lure them far away from his place since he does not have any aim, he also discovered that by smelling like a zombie they wont eat you so he pretty much uses a guts coat when he has to move.


  1. he uses his gun to lure zombies far from his house.
  2. he uses a gut coat to merge with zombies and prevent being eaten.
  3. hes really good at hiding and climbing.