Boone Richards
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axe, screwdriver



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Bitten by a walker, then shot by Phil.

Boone Richards is a character on The Walking Dead: The Survival Season 1. He died in episode 3: Rise From the Underground, after being bitten by a walker and then shot by Phil.


Boone grew up in a nice enough neighborhood, but his home life was a wreck. His father was notoriously abusive towards both Boone and Boone's mother. Boone's mother wasn't much of an improvement. Her drug and gambling addictions kept the Richards family dancing with poverty. After a particularly violent night of abuse, Boone's drug and rage fueled mother killed Boone's father, before turning on him. Boone escaped, and managed to find a foster parent. This traumatic experience pushed Boone deeper into the pit of self-isolation and mistrust that he was already absorbed in. Despite the damage to his mental health, Boone retains a high I.Q., fostered by his desire to escape his warped mentality through the pursuit of knowledge. After graduating from college, Boone remained alone, as his deeply scarring youth left him with great difficulty in forging a connection with others.


Lonesome, brave, hardened, stern.


Axe, and a screwdriver.

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