Bill Jason
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Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Male
Race Caucasian-American
Faction Store group
Health None
Level None
Status Dead (shot three times by Diego)
Location The Town (pre season 2-season 2)

Chems (season 2) The Factory (season 2)

Bill Jason is a recurring character on season two of Survivor. He is married to Tamara Jason, and first appeared on Episode 2.9: The Calm After. He was killed on Episode 2.13: Love on the Dead of Night by Diego Rolands, and his body was thrown to the walkers by his wife.


Phil used to be a truck driver before the apocalypse. He loved his wife, Tamara, and felt very lucky to have her in his life. After the apocalypse, they both have been recluding at the store. They eventualy joined Cole`s group, and Bill became Cole`s pet, altough Cole ignored him. After the final attack on Chems, he and his wife escaped bak to the store, and he swore to kill the members of the factory group for revenge. 


Loyal and fragile would be the best words to describe Bill. He is very innocent. He will fall under anything, but would protect his wife under all cost. He knows she`s been cheating on him, but still appreciates she never left him, and loves her.